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Children’s Yoga + AcroYoga Family Teacher Training

Photo by FatCamera/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by FatCamera/iStock / Getty Images

Each module will deepen your understanding of yoga, mindfulness and children, while giving you the opportunity to practice asana, partner practices and teaching. Become a fully certified YAMI Yoga & AcroYoga Family Instructor through this unique program by attending the modules listed below, completing the course assignments and practice teaching hours.

  • Module #1 March 24-26 Foundations and Philosophy                                                      
  • March 24-31 AcroYoga Family.  
  • Module #2 March 31- April 2nd Warriors of Loving Kindness & Compassion
  • Module #3  April 21-23  Express Yourself & Get Creative                                                
  • Module #4 April 28-30  Yoga Can Go Anywhere: Taking Yoga into Classrooms

This training will cover, but is not limited to:
* Compassionate communication, constructive feedback & vocal empowerment
* Yoga philosophy
* An overview of physical, social, and emotional developmental patterns
* Techniques for managing (structuring? not sure what managing means) a yoga class in a studio and other environments
* How to integrate family and siblings (with each other? like family dynamics and how they manifest in yoga?)
* Age appropriate goals, games, and teaching techniques
* Breathing techniques, group asana, AcroYoga and partner yoga. * Group, partner poses & AcroYoga for children with children, as well as children with adults * Benefits of partnered yoga for children ages 6 months -15 years
* Psychological, physical and emotional benefits of partner work for families * Child-led imaginative play
* Trust, communication and awareness exercises for families
* Use of balls and props for yoga, restorative & savasana
* Partner Restorative Yoga poses
* Supported Savasana Techniques

Because this is a teacher training, there are a number of skills that you are required to be comfortable with. To that end, there is an application and prerequisites. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns at I am so excited to support you on your journey!
*Comfort basing and flying: bird, throne, back bird, highflying whale, star.
*30 hours of training with certified AcroYoga teachers.
*10 hours of active practice after those training hours
*A letter of recommendation from a certified teacher is warmly welcomed!

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The intention behind this form is to get to know you better. Please take your time and enjoy the process of answering these questions. I look forward to reading yours.

$2150, save $200 if you register before February 15th
$200 deposit will save your space
Payment plans and workstudy positions available.
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Please email acroyogadeven {at} gmail {dot} com with questions.