Deven Sisler


Deven Sisler founded the Yoga and Mindfullness Institute (YAMI) in 2015 with the hope of making fitness, fun and relaxation accessible for children and families through yoga, AcroYoga & meditation. She has been teaching children and families for over two decades, and continues to offer classes, workshops and empowering teacher trainings.

Deven Sisler will empower your practice on and off your mat. A senior certified AcroYoga teacher she is known for her joyful, playful approach to partnership and collaboration, and her articulate teaching. An E-RYT 200 and CRYT yoga teacher, she has trained with international master teachers for a decade and a half in yoga, circus, thai massage, and acrobatics. An outdoor enthusiast, she weaves her experience and on and off the mat into creative, relaxing and inspiring classes for adults, children and families. Her perspective through the lens of yoga and acrobatics heightens kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness; it cultivates trust, communication, life skills and community building; and provides a creatively interactive forum to deepen experiential understanding of yoga and meditation through basic foundational concepts that make the practices more accessible to everyone and every body type. She offers a holistic approach to exploring biomechanics and the subtle body through movement, sound and her training in Body-Mind Centering.

Shortly after receiving her BA for her self-designed major in “Theatre, Creative Writing & Fine Art” from Connecticut College, she ran away to become at clown at Dell’Arte School of Physical Theater and the London International School of Performing Arts through Naropa University.  She has performed, written new work and managed theater productions internationally with a range of production companies, including Boxtales Theater Company, Clowns Without Borders, chashama, The Faux-Real Theatre Company, Dell'Arte, Theatre Amoeba & The Wow Cafe.  Inspired by positive effects of social circus, she coached and managed Cirque du Soleil's outreach program Cirque du Monde at The Point in the South Bronx.  

Her clown and circus work, led her to study with CircusYoga Founders Kevin & Erin Maile O’Keefe, as well as Jason Nemer & Jenny Sauer-Klein founders of AcroYoga International. She is particularly inspired by the overlap of european clown technique, meditation and Buddhism. Deven offers classes, workshops, teacher trainings and intensives. Find her at Wanderlust and Beloved Festivals this summer. She writes for Yoganonymous, Yoga Journal, Wanderlust and Elephant Journal. Learn more on her personal blog DevenSislerYoga.com


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Laura Zeigler

Guest Teacher AcroYoga

Laura Zeigler is a delight filled, passionate teacher who loves spending quality time with her family and upside down-- either on her hands or someone else's feet. She has taught yoga to adults and kids since 2010 in classrooms, yoga and music festivals and yoga studios. As a graduate of Naropa University, she studied yoga, meditation, contemplative education, aikido and Sanskrit. Before yoga, Laura taught preschool and has worked professionally with children for over 15 years. By practicing and teaching yoga, Laura has seen what a potent, life-changing tool it is and her desire to help others discover this continues to fuel her passion to teach. She believes in employing multiple forms, allowing students to discover their own inner teacher.

In 2014 she was certified to teach AcroYoga and is particularly excited by it because she loves practicing in community. Through AcroYoga she discovered Thai massage, which continues to deepen her understanding of both physical and spiritual anatomy as well as her practice of conscious, healing touch. She is grateful for the opportunity to enrich her community by teaching mindful Yoga and AcroYoga classes for kids and teens, adults, and families.


Kelli Mae

Content Creator
Kelli Mae Willis loves helping children develop into healthy adults, reminding adults how to play like children, and supporting kind communication across generations, while she also relishes the opportunity to share her skills with teachers and parents. She is a master teacher, working with children since 1999, her range of experience allows her to tailor her classes to audiences of many ages and abilities. Her classes invite students to feel strong, listen to their inner wisdom, and never take life too seriously, while enjoying every moment.  She attended her first Hatha yoga in India in 2007, Kelli Mae developed her skills in kids yoga with a CircusYoga certification in 2009.  She also has teaching certifications in AcroYoga (2011), Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga (2015), Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga (2016), AcroFit (2016), and has completed the 2-7 yr. old and advanced Next Generation Yoga teacher trainings.  Kelli Mae is also a certified Waldorf grades teacher and has spent several years integrating yoga elements into Waldorf early childhood and middle school classrooms.  Kelli Mae lives with her husband and their growing family in Olympia, WA.

Certified Teachers

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Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher

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Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher

Arielrose jasper

Certified Children’s Yoga & AcroYoga Family Teacher


I participated in the spring 2016 Child and Family Yoga program and my mind was completely blown away! The presentation and content was outstanding! I am in awe of the abundance of knowledge and the balance that YAMI offers for both fundamental and practical base. Deven provides developmental appropriate understanding of all ages. This training enhanced all of my previous trainings. I highly recommend this program to all yogi types; parents and grandparents, teachers (of all ages), yoga instructors and counsellors/therapist.

- Tami Rae