Kids Yoga by gaiam with laura zeigler  

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of Kids yoga? Please click on the link below to learn about how yoga can help your child possibly improve concentration, their ability to focus and move their bodies.

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How Yoga Benefits the Whole family from wanderlust journal

If the Purpose of Yoga is to become awake in the present moment, then children are inherently yogis in training. Read more to learn about how and the benefits of yoga for the whole family.  

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Partner yoga poses to strengthen your relationships from wanderlust

Learn some poses that may increase your connection with your partner and possibly strengthen your relationship.

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Scientific Evidence for Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools: How and Why Does It Work?

-Yoga for Classrooms

“Research suggests that school-based yoga cultivates competencies in mind-body awareness, self-regulation, and physical fitness. And classroom teachers benefit as well. Taken together, these competencies may lead to improvements in students’ behavior, mental state, health, and performance, as well as teacher resilience…”

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“As a kids’ yoga teachers, we have witnessed improvements in mood and behavior following a yoga session. Observing these benefits, many of us become inspired to bring yoga and mindfulness to our local schools, childcare centers, therapeutic settings, etc. However, anecdotal stories may be insufficient to convince parents, school administrators and other decision makers that yoga could be beneficial for their children.”

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More than just a game: Yoga for school-age children

-Harvard Health

“Yoga is becoming increasingly popular among American children. A national survey found that 3% of U.S. children (1.7 million) did yoga as of 2012 — that’s 400,000 more children than in 2007.”

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 The 7 Chakras: A Guide for Modern Yogis

“Why Study the Chakras?

Similarly to how understanding anatomy and the movements of the body assist with our ability to align ourselves in postures like chaturanga or headstand, understanding the chakra’s and how to wield our energy can help us to navigate and align ourselves within the landscape or our inner body. Understanding the chakras and how they operate can give us powerful tools for self-diagnosis and self-healing that will last our entire lives.” 

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Yoga and Children’s Mental Health

“Scientifically, the mental benefits of children’s yoga result from calming heart rate, which signals the brain to activate the parasympathetic nervous system response. Body systems such as circulation, glandular balance, digestion, and immunity are also enhanced, Wood explains.” 

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 Making Yoga Kid-Friendly

"Reflecting the swelling ranks of adult yogis, a growing number of kids are now doing yoga, as health experts, researchers and educators note the promise of initial research suggesting the ancient meditative movement practice may help little ones relieve stress, calm anxiety and improve mood – along with helping address ADHD, without drugs."

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The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

“As yoga becomes more popular in schools through physical education classes and after-school programs, that popularity comes with controversy. Although many adults like the benefits of yoga, some parents feel that the practice might have a religious association and, like prayer, shouldn't be allowed in a public space.”

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7 Ways Yoga Helps Children and Teens 

“Learn how yoga can improve body image, self-discipline, and even test scores.” 


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Yoga Generates Huge Benefits for Children with Autism

“Scott Anderson, teacher and founder of YogAutism, mentions on his site that in addition to benefits typically associated with yoga—improved strength and flexibility, and an increasing sense of peace—autistic children also experience a reduction of pain, anxiety, aggression, obsessive behaviors, and self-stimulatory activities.”


Research Support for Yoga, Mindfulness & Social/Emotional Learning 

“This page summarizes research on the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and social/emotional learning including neuroscience, the latest scientific studies, and specific benefits for educators and students.” 

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Beyond 'Namaste': The benefits of yoga in schools 

“Most recently, the issue was raised by parents in Georgia whose children attend an elementary school that implemented yoga in the classroom. Although yoga is not a religion in and of itself, it is a philosophy, rooted in Hinduism, composed of a system of various practices designed to heighten spirituality.”


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 Keep Your Kid Flexible (And Grow Their Brain!) With These Tips From A Top Yogi 

"One recent study found that the practice can literally grow your brain and a meta-analysis of 37 studies revealed yoga profoundly improves heart and metabolism health." 

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Institute for the Psychology of Eating

“Body image issues often show up as a painful disconnect between what we think we should be, and who we actually are. By inviting us onto the mat without an agenda and giving us the permission to just be, yoga helps us to look at the present moment and the real, physical body, with honesty and acceptance.”

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Fun Kids Yoga Class Ideas

Here you will find “a collection of kids yoga ideas for your home, classroom, or studio. Most of the themes have five recommended books and five matching yoga poses for kids. Some of the themes have more yoga poses and fewer book suggestions – depending on what inspired me for that topic.”