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yami yogi faqs


How do i become certified?

There are three complimentary tracks to certification: Children's Yoga Instructor through YAMI; AcroYoga Family Instructor through YAMI; Certified Children's Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

Certification Children's Yoga Instructor through YAMI REQUIREMENTS:
• Current yoga practice;
• 100% attendance to all scheduled classes (make up sessions may be scheduled with Deven or a certified Yami Yoga instructor at $65 per hour);
• 100% completion of reading, course assignments and passing grade on the take home quiz;
• Commitment to a weekly meditation, yoga and pranayama practice;
• Observe/Assist 10 children's yoga classes outside of the weekend hours;


Certification Children's Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance REQUIREMENTS:                                                                                                                 All of the above, plus:                                                                                                             • 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification with an accredited school
• Teach an additional 20 hours of children's yoga classes.


Certification AcroYoga Family Instructor through YAMI REQUIREMENTS:<Prerequisites>
*Consistent yoga, meditation, rock climbing, aerial, dance or mindful movement practice for over one year. 
* 30 hours of training with certified AcroYoga teachers
*Ability to comfortably Base, Fly & Spot with adults: Lifted Baddha Konasana, Folded Leaf; Bird to Throne; Foot to Shin; Cartwheel to Straddle Bat; Back Bird, High Flying Whale, Star, Floating Pasci
*10 hours of active practice after those training hours
* Experience with children
*A letter of recommendation from a certified teacher is warmly welcomed! 

• 100% attendance to all scheduled classes (make up sessions may be scheduled with Deven at $65 per hour)
• 100% completion of course assignments & quiz
• Commitment to a weekly meditation, yoga and pranayama practice
• Observe/Assist/Reflect 10 Children's Yoga/AcroYoga Family classes outside of the weekend hours
• Teach & Reflect on 10 hours of AcroYoga Family classes
• 100% completion of course assignments, writing reflection of teaching with class plans and passing grade on the course quiz.                                                                                  • 3 Mentorship Calls/Meetings with Mentor                                                                       • Upon successful completion of these elements, you will schedule a final certification interview to review your work and training.


What can i do with my certification?

Once certified, you have our blessings to share tools of yoga and mindfulness with children and families in group classes, private sessions, workshops, school programs, after-school programs, or even as a part of special events such as birthday parties. As in any yoga program, certification is a commencement into deeper study, so we encourage participants to always remain curious and always remain a student!


how do i prepare for the acroyoga family teacher training? 

AcroYoga Family Teacher Training- Sample Day

9a EMBODIMENT asana, meditation, partner yoga, circlasana, inversions

10a-12p FLYING acroyoga flying technique & teaching points

12-1:15p LUNCH

1:30-2:30p PUBLIC CLASS



4:30-4:45p Break & Snack


Where can I find housing in Boulder?

Boulder is both a college town as well as a vacation destination all year around. Sites that the town often posts availability to and/or you can reach out are: vrbo.com , airbnb.com, the local Facebook group. As this is a peak season, we advise to look for housing as early as possible. 

We have also made arrangements with The Residence Inn to hold a block of rooms for us. These rooms have kitchenettes and two queen beds. Coordinating to share rooms with others in the training is your responsibility, although we can provide support. To reserve, call (303)577-7300 and reference AcroYoga Family Teacher Training.

Where is food near the Boulder Circus Center?
The nearest restaurants and grocery store are at 28th St & Iris Ave 1.9 mi from the BCC. There are several options there for affordable, healthy, gourmet and to-go meals. There are picnic benches on the BCC patio if you decide to bring lunch and the mountain views form there are incredible!

What kind of transportation is available to/from the airport?
There is an airport bus that goes from DIA to downtown Boulder as well as shuttle service. All of that information is available at http://rtd-denver.com/
Boulder is a very easy town to bike/walk/bus around, but the circus center itself is almost 2 mi North of town. We recommend car-pooling from your accommodations.


Does anyone not become certified?

The administration at Yami Yogi uphold the highest standard in the field of yoga for our teachers. To this end, we reserve the right to with-hold certification or revoke certification due to unacceptable behavior. We hope this is never the case, as it would only apply to extreme cases of misconduct, such as evidence of verbal, emotional, sexual, or physical abuse to another human.